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Frequently Asked Questions

For my store

PlayFull brings new and returning customers to your door. We engage your customers wherever they are: at home, school, work, and even when they're waiting in line at your store. With PlayFull, your brand is able to reach potential customers like never before.
We share a percentage of business we bring to your door. That means we only win when you win. No set-up fees, monthly fees, or yada yada fees.
Simply write your store's name to (Bonus points if you tell us your favorite food!). A dedicated account manager will guide you from there and answer any questions you might have.

For Players

Press the GET APP button in the upper right. You must have an email address or Facebook account to sign up for PlayFull.
As long as you have coins. Coins are used to play games. Players start with 5 coins and 1 coin must be spent to start each game session. Coins regenerate every hour and they can also be earned by inviting friends to PlayFull.
Deals are chosen by the store owner, and can change frequently. Better deals are harder to earn, but the more you play the more you earn!